Fallen Angels, Tears of Stone

by Justin Goodrich

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Solo-acoustic EP from 2011. This album was recorded in the same recording session as "A Revenant Affair", but was split into two EP's to accentuate it's darker tone.


released July 26, 2011

Written, performed and produced by Justin Goodrich
Engineered by Robert Weymouth and Jarrod Sanborn
Photography by Shadow Darkwell



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Justin Goodrich Lowell, Massachusetts

Justin Goodrich is an American singer-songwriter & actor. Independently he has released two acoustic EP's, "A Revenant Affair" and "Fallen Angels, Tears of Stone", and is releasing a new EP titled "In Between The Panels" on April 22, 2014. He has appeared in the SyFy TV network's "The Haunted Boy: Secret Diary of The Exorcist" and also briefly in the Walt Disney sci-fi film "The Surrogates". ... more

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Track Name: Open Your Eyes
Open Your Eyes

Don’t scream at me
Don’t scream at all
It hurts my heart to
Hear you scream
You don’t understand
You don’t understand

I know how you feel
We’ve got that far
We need to see things through
Think of how this will reflect
Twenty years from now

Come on come on come on and
Open your eyes
See through our eyes
Open your heart
And feel our pain
Come on and open your eyes

So far gone but so far now
The only one that haunts my heart
Through night and day
Through night and day

Though time has past
And lives have gone
The memory remains
And our bond from start to end
Remains the same
Track Name: Love You Still
I never wanted it to end this way
I never wanted you to go away
I know that I love, love you still

I know you didn't mean the words you said
When you were up and crying in your bed
I know that you love, love me still

So here we are
So far from grace
As lifeless tears fall
Down your face

Oh how I can't wait
To meet you again
And hear you say
To me...

I never wanted it to end this way
I never wanted you to go away
I know that I love, love you still
Track Name: Loving You Is Killing Me
Loving You Is Killing Me

Blinded on and on
Can't see, can't breathe
Running round in circles
From the best of me

Coma, drugs and lying
To the tenth degree
Posting modern illness
Make yourself believe

If I told you I miss you
Would you even hear?
If I told you I love you
Would you even care?

Loving you is killing me
Loving you is killing me
I want to hate you
But I can't come clean
That loving you is kiling me

Crack a smile take it
To the skies now love
You can keep on cuming
But you won't get far

Visions in my head
Darker than blood red eyes
Kiss me darling
Tell me everything is fine
Track Name: I Want You In My Arms
I Want You In My Arms

Have you ever wondered how you’ll die?
Maybe you’ll be murdered or die of old age…
You never know…

But no matter how I die
I want you in my arms

With a smile on my face and love in my heart
I tell you how I feel
I show you the wind of the world
Passing right through our love

But no matter how I die
I want you in my arms

No matter how I die
I want you in my arms
Track Name: If Only
All these shadows lie amidst
The deeds and schemes you've opt to miss
Fallen angel tears of stone
The blood you use you don't deserve

You've never been the same since that day

If only you knew how I felt
For those things I've done
I'd be the one you need
You'd be the one I need
We'd be the ones that would survive

Seated gluttony, passion's bare
To fail as time passes - you stare
Dead eyed wonderment galore
To feast at least you've nothing more

A vacant shell of whom you used to be
Track Name: My Letter To The World
My Letter To The World

I've been here long enough to see
I've been here long enough to realize it's me
I'm old enough to stop pretending
To end it all and heal the hearts worth mending

I'm writing to you to let you go
You'll be fine without me to care for
I'm leaving to make your life easier
So here is my letter to the world

I've seen our hearts all broken
I've seen you fall apart again and again
I've seen through all of our eyes
So maybe this will be our final goodbye

I can't handle all the lies
I won't bear you're disguise
Don't try to change my mind
There's no more light to be shined

I can't handle all the pain
I won't walk through the rain
My heart beats only for you
And you should know it's true

I hope my time was well spent
I hope I made you smile and never forget
How much I loved you so
And how I wish you never let me go
Oh how i needed you so